Did you know that cadets qualify no differently than adult members in emergency services qualifications?

Want to get started in training for Emergency Services? Great, but first you will need to get some boring stuff completed, then you can move on to the fun training!

Step 1.

Take your General ES Test online in eServices.

Log into eServices, and go to Online Learning > Learning Management System. Click on CAPT 116 – General ES – September 2009 in the Emergency Services section. This test is the prerequisite for any ES rating, including for Senior Members. Use the regulations as reference material when you take your test.

Step 2.

Learn the basics about radio communication. Every ES rating will need to know how to use our CAP communication systems.

Log into eServices, and go to Online Learning > Learning Management System. Click on Introductory Communications User Training (ICUT) in the Communications section. Completion of ICUT is actually two parts, first being the online lesson and test, and the second being a practical exercise. Once you complete your ICUT online, talk to the squadron Communications Officer to finish your ICUT training.

Step 3.

Choose the rating(s) you would like to begin working toward. Do you want to be a part of a ground team? Do you want to work the radios in communications? Do you want to help staff the mission base? Do you want to train with the aircrew?

Talk to your Senior Member leaders about what you would like to do, and they can help direct you to what you need to work on. Some ratings require more classroom style instruction, and some require more field training. It is up to you, but all ratings will require your hard work and dedication.

civil air patrol emergency services

Once a general Emergency Services member, with one specialty qualification, you may wear this patch on your BDU.