There is only 1 way to wear the uniform the Right way

Camouflage ABU (Airman Battle Uniform)


Air Force Blues Uniform

  • Flight cap (male) – CAP0994K
  • Flight cap (female) – CAP1015J
  • Cadet flight cap device – CAP0748A
  • Light blue, short sleeve shirt (male) – CAP1001A
  • Light blue, short sleeve blouse (female) – CAP1017
  • Blue 3-line nameplate (last name) – CAP0599M
  • Blue trousers (male) – CAP0993B
  • Blue trousers (female) – CAP3500A
  • Blue skirt (female) – CAP3600A
  • Blue belt (with silver buckle) – 2500500
  • Dress shoes (male) – CAP2800NM
  • Shoes or pumps
  • Undershirt (plain white), V-neck for males

PT Uniform (Physical Training)

  • Sand shirt (plain or CAP)
  • Grey sweatshirt (plain or CAP, for winter) – or CAP4500A or CAP4500I
  • Dark blue/navy blue shorts – or CAP4603A
  • Dark blue/navy blue sweatpants (for winter)
  • Athletic shoes!

10 Tips for Looking Sharp

  1. Keep your insignia in a special place at home.
  2. Prepare your uniform the night before you wear it.
  3. Tim loose strings from buttons, pockets and belt loops.
  4. Use spray starch when ironing.
  5. Obtain “enforcers” or put cardboard behind your ribbons.
  6. Check your appearance in a full-length mirror.
  7. Keep a small cloth with you to dust your shoes and brass.
  8. Check your gig-line upon exiting a car or restroom.
  9. Avoid leaning against anything while in uniform.
  10. Ask you wingman to double-check your uniform.